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Microsoft Azure

Deploy anywhere with your choice of tools

Choose how you deploy Azure—connecting cloud and on-premises with hybrid cloud capabilities and using open source technologies—for maximum portability and value from your existing investments.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Achieve economies of scale – increase volume output or productivity with fewer people. Your cost per unit, project or product plummets.
Reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go (weekly, quarterly or yearly), based on demand.
Globalize your workforce on the cheap. People worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection.
Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people.
Reduce capital costs. There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.
Improve accessibility. You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!
Monitor projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times.
Less personnel training is needed. It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues.
Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.
Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.

Considerations for Deploying Hybrid Clouds on Microsoft® Azure™ and Cloud Platform

To stay competitive, businesses must innovate and grow while improving time to market, increasing ROI and decreasing TCO. One of the biggest challenges in achieving these goals is growing complexity in the data center. In order to succeed in the new technology landscape, IT must embrace simplicity. Federating public and private cloud resources allows organizations to streamline IT services and run Microsoft workloads in the most optimized and appropriate environments.

Federation contributes to IT simplicity by improving infrastructure flexibility, scalability and agility by allowing you to scale to the public cloud and use only the resources you need when you need them. This model allows IT to take advantage of expanded storage, backup and recovery strategies with increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

However, federating hybrid clouds on Microsoft Azure and Cloud Platform has functional and technical pitfalls worth considering:

  • Cloud Complexity:For many businesses, navigating to the cloud is complex, risky and an enormous time drain. These challenges threaten to cripple businesses that don't have a plan to move forward with a new IT model. In this scenario, with disparate cloud products and platforms, engineers and developers spend most of their time navigating a maze of different tools, portals and management and monitoring systems.

  • Interoperability: Traditional hybrid clouds, tools and services used in both public and private clouds are not always interoperable. Costly and resource-intensive infrastructure tools such as deployment systems, monitoring applications, management planes and log and event aggregation utilities cannot always cross infrastructure boundaries requiring multiple independent deployments of different tool sets.

  • Identity and Access Management: From a technical standpoint, consolidating and managing identity systems is challenging due in part to identity sprawl across disparate systems and applications.

  • Infrastructure Management: Deploying, monitoring and managing the physical and logical constructs of your network such as firewalls, routing devices, IP address ranges and virtual networks imposes additional administrative overhead on IT staff.

We can help with your cloud journey

No matter the stage where you are in your Enterprise cloud journey, netEDGE Technologies can help alleviate some of the constraints of federation with Azure Active Directory, on-premises directory solutions and various third-party application providers, enabling your business to efficiently deliver IT services without the burden of managing additional independent directory service solutions.

netEDGE simplifies hybrid cloud connectivity with next-generation technology and direct connectivity to Azure over Equinix Cloud Exchange™ and Microsoft ExpressRoute. We can help you achieve a unified management approach to both private and public cloud infrastructure, a strategy that is a keystone of increased agility, decreased time to market and improved alignment of IT resources to focus on more valuable tasks.

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